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Monday, November 24, 2014



Hello again! This past weekend I went away for my sisters birthday to Windsor. My friend & I went to Livonia & went to an estate sale, Value World as well as Town Peddlar Antique & Craft Market. Like every other thrift store I have been to in America, Value World sucked. It was day 2 of the estate sale, so it kinda blew. We were going to attend some others, but... we kinda didn't have time, she had to work... so maybe next time! 

We needed some plates & I wanted something beautiful, funky, fantastic. I found some Salem Northstar plates for $5 each, so 4 came home with me from the market. We threw some out when we moved because we didn't want to pack them. I truly want some Franciscan Starburst, but well, you know. I ain't got no money.

I had to rescue this kneehugger... his face is slowly turning black, a chemical reaction? A friend of mine explained this to me before, but I forget. Also a Valentines Day kneehugger! This is something that was on my want list, so scratch that off. Also got these made in Japan treat stockings, adorbs, right? 

A toothpick holder? My favourite part is the stars. 

I can't believe I got some vintage ET wrapping paper! So psyched about this. & some adorable wrapping paper to boot! 

You know, I looked this over like three times in the thrift store... I guess I must have chipped it. :/ Still cute, though. 

& I can't forget this tablecloth. The woman who rode up on the linens not 30 seconds after me gave me the nastiest look when she saw me looking it over. That's when I knew I had to get it. I could always return it. 

Well that's it for me! I can't wait to see what you've found this week. Link up below with some of your wonderful second hand finds!



Monday, November 17, 2014

Thriftasaurus #111

Thriftasaurus CXI

How are you all? How is everything in secondhand shopping land? It's still alright around here... 

I bought this hand keychain. It was 49cents. I also bought that lovely orange retro treasure box. I posed it with my retro scrapbook... my favourite scrapbook I own, I think! 

I got 2 & a half pairs of these vintage Rosti utensils, which were made in Denmark. Don't the orange ones match my new Catherineholm pot perfectly (lol, I don't know if I will ever get tired of showing this pot off...). Anyways, these were pretty cheap ($1.49) & not all chopped up with dents & stuff like a lot of plastic items I come across. 

Put these together. I really don't know how many sets of salt & pepper shakers I've got, especially since I have so much stuff packed away. These need a good cleaning.

The very tiny bit of thrift store vintage Christmas (don't think I'll find very much this year). 

Kneehuggers! I bought these when I was in the states last week. & isn't the one in the shoe adorbs? Antique market buys... cheap.. the larger one chimes.

These I bought for my instagram or eBay sales. .. however... not including until I get used to USPS. 

& lastly, from an antique market, this 1959 Holt Howard candlestick holder... only $3 because of a teeny chip on the backside. 

Lastly, some Vernors cups! Wanted to pay homage to Windsor/Detroit area & well couldn't afford what they wanted for their Boblo merch... so these were the right price!

I am cleaning out my Pyrex collection, just really need duplicates, not like 8 or 10. I think my hoard might start to cause problems in my relationship (I think it already is). It's a bit hard to sell locally on Craigslist, people who check it already have all the common crap!


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