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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thriftasaurus #104

Thriftasaurus #104

Good evening thrifters... it's a rainy evening here in Toronto, so dishes, blogging & Pepsi for me tonight, a nice, warm bath might follow. We'll see how the night plays out. 

I barely got out this week. I have been exhausted. I have been working. I have been just plain lazy. I did pick up a few things though! 

These kneehuggers are from the last time I went to the states. They always see to be a sure thing when I go. I really, really want to go around Christmas this year. Americans, are they usually all over the place (in the antique markets?)!?

Anyways, more Christmas. I love how you can find vintage Christmas year round. I bought these, are Holly Days by Corningware one of the only older full sets of Christmas themed dishware? 

This is kinda not really something I'd usually buy, butt... I don't know, just picked it up, LOL. Does anyone know when these were popular? Early 1990's? Just recently? Or were they never popular? 

More clothes! A The Residents sweater & tee, not bad. 

I also got this koala tapestry/wall hanging made in Australia for Joneff & this vintage baby scrapbook. 

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thriftasaurus #103

Thriftasaurus #103!

Good evening thrifters! Thanks for coming to this late THRIFTASAURUS party! I guess I'm taking after my long time friend of 16 years (more than half my life!) who is always late & staying true to herself, was even late for her own wedding yesterday! Love her!

I had a week full of amazing finds. There weren't many, but they were high quality. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen quick in store shots of a few of them or a few pictures of a couple others that I pulled from Google to guage the value of (Instagram wasn't any help). 


For me, Jadeite is a rarity in the thrifts around here. When you can find it in an antique market, it's priced like gold. In all my years of collecting, I have seen Jadeite 2 times before, so I get pretty excited when I find it. I found a Jadeite bowl that I promptly broke in my shopping basket & another time a Jadeite mug in the case for $10 (used my 30% discount card). When I found that Jadeite bowl, though, I also bought 2 items that sold for over $70. I ended up being able to buy 5 or 6 Jadeite bowls from a lot on eBay that ended up in the end costing just over $5 each after shipping. 
Anyways... I stepped into the thrift & there were to Jadeite mugs for $1.49 each. I know, right? I thought my days of walking into a store & finding any vintage dishware were over & that my only hope was finding it fresh off the cart!

Later, in another thrift... appears this vintage Jadeite flour shaker! WOW! & people say Value Village is a scam! *shakes head* 

Speaking of fresh of the cart... this was fresh off the cart. I almost missed this mint daisy divided dish. I looked the cart over, didn't see a thing, went down the aisle, came back up the other aisle & decided I should peak again & it was inside something else... 

I went to a flea market when I went camping at The Pinery in Grand Bend last weekend. I had went before & it wasn't that exciting, it was a little better this time, however some of the prices... just weren't going to pay. Not a lot of Pyrex, no surprise. Overpriced Jadeite that made me actually LOL. 
I got these Holt Howard tea light holders.
& this little vintage Easter bunny, who is missing the rest of his train. 
But that's alright. 

Also found an ET button & a NIP Goosebumps hologram keychain. Goooosssseebumps. The show used to freak me out after to, 4:30 Est & I would have to lock myself in my moms room until she can home an hour later, but couldn't resist! Loved RL Stine.

I also found a small hoard of 1980's Coke cans in St. Jacobs Antique Market. I have been to it once before, about 3 years ago... when it had a Moon Deco Pyrex for $100. Yup, still there. They moved it from a shelf to a case, though. That's progress! I'm going to do a small post on the Coke cans another day (maybe next Thriftasaurus... I feel like my good luck has run out for a few weeks) because there are so many!

Thanks for checking out Thriftasaurus this week! Coming at ya from the bus...